Dear Valued VIVANT Customers,
Thank you for your attention. We are here to introduce our newest firmware for VIVANT ALTERNATE.
Firmware V1.03 contains total of 2 different updates.
The first update is that the user is now able to adjust their session timer from the standard 60 seconds up to 5 minutes per session (in increments of one minute). To enter the session timer, while the device is on hold down the “up” and “power” regulatory buttons on the bottom of the device simultaneously for approximately 3 seconds. When the display reads “Timer”, simply press the “up” or “down” regulatory buttons to set your timer preferences. Once you set your preference, press the “power” regulatory button to exit the timer setting mode.
The second and newest update allows the user to adjust their temperature setting on the device during sessions. Without having to stop the session, you are now able to simply press the “up” or “down” regulatory buttons during your session to achieve the new set temperature (please view the top left corner of the LED screen to see the temperature setting). You will notice that the device will increase or drop in temperature depending on the new temperature setting to which you set your device, and the timer countdown will restart once the device hits the new desired temperature setting.
To download the firmware, please click “here”.
Thank you,
Vivant Marketing Department
Jun 7, 2017