Dear Valued VIVANT Customer,
Thank you for your continued patronage. We’d like to introduce an on-demand convection herb vaporizer called VLeaF GO.
The VLeaF GO is the first all in one on-demand convection vaporizer on the market. On-demand means you no longer have to wait 30s or more for the device to heat up. It means you can start vaping as soon as you press fire. It also has the session mode for you to vape through water pipe or vape without holding the button. The VLeaF GO has 3 temperature levels for choice and a replaceable ceramic heater for easy clean. The last but not the least, to vaporize through water, just insert the cap of VLeaF GO into the down stem of your water pipe without any connectors.
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Thank you,
Vivant Marketing Department
March 26, 2020