Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use e-juice in my Dabox?

The Dabox is designed for use with wax. It's not recommended to usee e-juice in your device.

How to enable seealth Mode in my Dabox?

Press the fire button 3 times consecutively when the DAbOX is on, the LED will flash 3 times. Disable the stealth mode by press the fire button 3 times consecutively again, the LED will flash 3 times.

Why does it feel difficult to inhale the vapor?

Your airflow may be restricted by a tightly packed bowl. Remove your dry herbs and pack them more loosely to allow airflow. You may also need to grind your herbs more thoroughly.

How long does the battery last?


How do I turn the Alternate ON and OFF?

To turn the alternate on, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. Press the power button 5 times to turn the device off.

How hot does the chamber get?

The recommended temperature setting is 180 c. the alternate can go up to 220 c.

Is it safe to carry in my pocket?

You can lock the device to prevent it from firing in your pocket. hold the two regulatory buttons down for two seconds to "lock" the device. your alternate will display a message letting you know it has been locked. disable it by holding the buttons again.

How do i clean the alternate?

Detailed instructions are included in the manual. click here to view the instructions.

Do i need to use the grinder?

Using the grinder ensures that your dry herbs will have an optimal surface area to contact ratio. it is recommended that you use the grinder instead of breaking down the herbs by hand.

Can i mod my device?

Any modifications to your device will void the warranty. we do not recommend modding to maintain your safety.